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UWRF North Hall Theater

The UW River Falls North Hall Theater recently underwent an extensive renovation aimed at enhancing the overall ambiance and illumination within the space. A key focus of the renovation was to introduce an abundance of natural light into the room, transforming it into a more inviting and vibrant environment. Numerous enhancements were made to achieve this goal.

To begin with, new seating arrangements were carefully installed on the main level of the theater, providing attendees with a comfortable and enjoyable viewing experience. The addition of fresh carpeting and a new coat of paint breathed new life into the space, rejuvenating its aesthetic appeal. These subtle changes not only contributed to the theater's visual appeal but also improved the overall atmosphere for the audience.

Moreover, strategic alterations were made to the lighting arrangement. Recessed lights were skillfully installed in the ceiling, ensuring an even distribution of light throughout the theater. In an effort to further optimize the illumination, artificial windows were thoughtfully incorporated along the interior wall, mirroring the exterior wall. This design decision created a sense of symmetry while also allowing additional light to permeate the room, making it feel more open and spacious.

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