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Our FAA Part 107 Certified UAS pilot delivers aerial photography and videography by request for commercial and residential properties, real estate, site planning, and more. Whether to verify preexisting conditions, track construction progress, or get a full view of the final product, we are able to provide aerial services every step of the way.


Check out some current aerial pictures of projects under construction.

Aerial photography and videography is great for:

  • Pre-construction site planning and design.

  • Communicating project progress at any phase.

  • Documenting and sharing a visual timeline to stakeholders.

  • Helping streamline decision making with a visual context of site conditions.


Roof Studies

We use drone photography often for roof studies, which helps to safely determine whether or not a roof is able to support new and existing loads. These pictures also work as an excellent reference while designing a new roof system. 

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