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UW Stout Fleming Hall

UW Stout's Fleming Hall underwent an impressive renovation project. The 40,000 square foot residence hall received a complete overhaul to enhance its functionality and aesthetics.

The renovation involved a comprehensive infrastructure replacement, ensuring that the hall's systems were modern and efficient. A new fire suppression system was installed, prioritizing the safety of the residents. Additionally, an elevator tower was added to improve accessibility within the building.

The restroom facilities were expanded to accommodate the growing student population, providing convenience and comfort to the residents. The interior spaces received a refreshing makeover with new finishes, while the basement was remodeled to create spacious study and recreational areas.

To enhance natural lighting and give Fleming Hall a contemporary look, new curtain wall and metal panel details were incorporated into all four facades.

This renovation is part of the University's long-range plan to upgrade all residence halls on campus, reflecting their commitment to providing exceptional living spaces for students.

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