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Tribute Mall

The Tribute Mall of the Veterans Tribute Park and Trail was the second phase of the ongoing construction. The Tribute Mall provides a space for gatherings, honoring loved ones, and giving respect to those lost. This space is centered on the seal of Eau Claire County and is surrounded by each of the individual County municipalities. Within the Mall stands a multitude of flags – the American Flag, Wisconsin State Flag, PoW/MIA flag, and a flag for each of the six branches of the U.S. Military. These flags are flanked on each side by wonderful statuary depicting Army and Marine soldiers.

The Tribute Mall also includes a field of Legacy Stones to honor our local Veterans and those Killed-In-Action. Surrounded by these Legacy Stones is a statuary of a Gold Star Mother.

Within the Park and Trail are also dedicated benches, thoughtfully designed lighting, and a sound system for use during gatherings.

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