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Town of Washington Storage Addition

We enhanced the existing outdoor storage area of the Town of Washington by designing a vertical addition that would serve as a weatherproof maintenance building. The original structure stood at a modest height of 6 feet, but with our innovative design, we managed to increase its height by an impressive 8 feet, complemented by a sturdy steel roof.

In our renovation, we made significant improvements to the accessibility and functionality of the building. The conventional swing gates were replaced with convenient overhead doors, offering a more efficient way to enter and exit the facility. Furthermore, we installed an access door specifically for the convenience of the employees, ensuring smooth and easy operations.

With the completion of this new vertical addition, the Town of Washington now possesses a valuable asset that can protect their equipment and materials from the elements. Our weatherproof maintenance building ensures that their resources are well-preserved and readily available whenever needed, ultimately enhancing the effectiveness of their maintenance efforts.

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