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Plymouth Congregational UCC

This approximately 10,000 square foot building serves as a replacement for the structure that was lost to a fire approximately two years ago. Adhering to insurance requirements, the dimensions and costs were designed to closely align with the original scope. However, various alterations and improvements were implemented to meet updated codes, standards, and the evolving needs of the congregation.

In compliance with modern safety regulations, the building now incorporates a comprehensive fire suppression system and a full alarm system. Furthermore, energy efficiency guidelines dictated the inclusion of a design that maximizes the use of outdoor air during cooler periods, reducing reliance on air conditioning. To optimize plumbing and venting efficiency, the placement of the kitchen and toilet rooms was strategically centralized, ensuring more consistent water temperature throughout the building.

Notable adjustments were made in the building's layout. The new structure features a slightly lower floor level and a westward shift from its previous location, which facilitated the creation of a convenient drive-under canopy and improved accessibility to parking spaces near the entrance. Additionally, this slight adjustment has provided opportunities for the addition of outdoor patio areas, enhancing the building's functionality and offering pleasant gathering spaces for the congregation and visitors.

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