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Owen Park Pavilion

Located in downtown Eau Claire, we designed a charming pavilion at Owen Park nestled between the playground and the bandshell. Designed with inclusivity in mind, this versatile structure offers three ADA-compliant bathrooms and serves as a welcoming space for a wide range of public and private events. The pavilion embraces the spirit of community, providing a vibrant hub where people can come together to create lasting memories and celebrate shared experiences.

With accessibility in mind, the pavilion ensures that everyone can enjoy its amenities and participate in the community's gatherings. Its strategic location within Owen Park fosters a seamless connection between recreational activities and cultural events, inviting residents and visitors alike to engage in a multitude of enriching experiences. Whether it's a bustling community festival or an intimate private celebration, the pavilion stands as a symbol of unity and inclusivity, enhancing the local atmosphere and creating a sense of belonging.

Drawing inspiration from the park's existing charm, the pavilion blends harmoniously with its surroundings while adding a touch of contemporary flair. Its thoughtful design elements create an inviting and comfortable ambiance, encouraging social interactions and fostering connections among individuals. Owen Park's new pavilion embodies the shared pride of the community and serves as a testament to Eau Claire's commitment to creating spaces that facilitate togetherness and celebration.

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