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Lazy Monk Brewery

The former Charlson's Building and Design Center, once destined for demolition, found new purpose under the ownership of Lazy Monk Brewing. Collaborating closely with Lien and Peterson Architects, the City of Eau Claire's approval process unfolded seamlessly. Inspired by the charm of European bierhalls, the project unfolded in phases, giving rise to a captivating bier hall, a tranquil biergarten, a lower-level brewery, and the potential for future food service expansion.

The main floor underwent a remarkable transformation, encompassing over 5,000 square feet of space dedicated to a genuine Czech bierhall experience. In compliance with code restrictions, the existing stairwell to the lower level was removed, making way for an array of inviting features. From the addition of new toilet rooms, an office area, and storage facilities to a meeting room and a well-appointed serving bar, every aspect was meticulously designed. Faux beams were skillfully introduced to conceal the new heating system, capturing the essence of a traditional bierhall and contributing to its captivating ambiance.

A serene biergarten was thoughtfully incorporated into the surroundings, offering an outdoor oasis that overlooks the scenic Chippewa River. Enhanced by a pergola-style perimeter and a security wall that mitigates traffic noise, the biergarten has become a sought-after destination for various occasions, including idyllic weddings. The majestic river view serves as a breathtaking backdrop, inviting guests to bask in the tranquility of the setting. Meanwhile, the lower level accommodates the bustling brewery operations, utilizing a 7,500 square foot space, including an 800 square foot cooler. Despite the challenges posed by the brewery's location partially below the flood plain, meticulous planning ensured the safety of the electrical systems through strategic positioning above the flood zone. Additionally, a comprehensive flood action plan was established to address potential emergencies, ensuring the brewery's resilience and uninterrupted operations.

The Charlson's Building, now transformed into Lazy Monk Brewing, epitomizes the harmonious fusion of European architectural charm, the artistry of craft beer, and the allure of a picturesque environment. Through the collaborative efforts of Lazy Monk Brewing and Lien and Peterson Architects, the establishment stands as a vibrant testament to the bierhall tradition, boasting an enchanting biergarten and meticulously designed brewing facilities.

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