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Jeffers Park Pavilion

In effort to give back to the community, we assisted in the design and engineering of an addition to the Jeffers Park Development Project: a magnificent 4,500 square foot pavilion at the new Reit Family Fields. This contribution was aimed at enhancing the recreational experience for visitors and ball players alike. Situated at the heart of the park, the pavilion provides a range of amenities, including a concession stand, storage facilities, restrooms, and ample shade, ensuring utmost comfort for all.

With a keen focus on accessibility and convenience, we strategically positioned the pavilion amidst five ball diamonds, making it a central hub for park activities. Its prime location allows easy access for players and spectators, guaranteeing a delightful experience for everyone involved. In addition to the pavilion, the park will also feature engaging playgrounds and picturesque trails, further promoting an active and vibrant community.

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