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Healthy Pet Animal Hospital

Our team designed Healthy Pet Animal Hospital to provide a comfortable and efficient environment for both pets and their owners. The waiting area contains a welcoming wraparound reception desk, and comfortable furniture for both pets and owners can be found all over the building. This thoughtfully designed space ensures a warm and inviting atmosphere, setting the stage for a positive veterinary experience.

We designed a layout that optimizes functionality and flow. With five meticulously designed exam rooms, we offer a private and calming space for thorough examinations and consultations. The inclusion of two well-appointed toilet rooms enhances convenience and ensures a hygienic environment for staff and visitors alike. The interior also contains an x-ray room, treatment and therapy room, featuring an underwater treadmill, and separate kennel areas for both dogs and cats.

Beyond the interior, we have crafted an exterior space that complements the hospital's functionality. A well-designed parking lot situated on the west side of the building ensures convenient access for visitors, while a fenced-in area on the east side provides a safe and controlled outdoor space for pets. With a convenient exit located near the dog kennels, pets can enjoy outdoor activities with ease.

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