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Fairfax Pool Concession Stand

We recently completed an addition to the Fairfax Pool Concession Stand, resulting in a seamless blend of old and new elements that has greatly enhanced the overall experience for pool-goers. The project encompassed a variety of enhancements, including a complete remodeling of the concession stand, doubling the space of the prep/serving area, and the addition of covered outdoor seating. Our team executed the design with precision, ensuring a cohesive transition between the existing structure and the new addition. By incorporating complementary architectural features and materials, we achieved a harmonious integration that preserves the charm of the original concession stand while introducing modern improvements.

A major focus of the project was to maximize efficiency and comfort for both visitors and staff. By doubling the size of the preparation area, we effectively addressed the need for increased space during busy periods. This expansion enables the concession stand to handle larger crowds and reduces wait times, enhancing the overall customer experience. Our team carefully reconfigured the interior layout to optimize workflow and ensure smooth operations within the expanded space. Furthermore, the addition of ample covered outdoor seating provides a welcoming and shaded area for visitors to relax and enjoy their refreshments. This addition not only enhances the overall aesthetics of the pool area but also fosters a sense of community by creating a social hub where pool-goers can gather and interact.

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