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Estilo Salon

This salon remodel project focused on optimizing functionality and expanding the available space by combining the original salon with a previously attached store, doubling the salon's existing space. The primary goal was to create a seamless integration between the two areas while ensuring a smooth flow for both staff and clients.

To achieve this, the remodel involved the addition of two walkways connecting the original salon and the attached store. These walkways served as transition zones, allowing for easy movement between the spaces while maintaining a sense of unity. In addition, existing walls and stairs were removed so the salon was able to maximize the use of both areas, creating an expanded salon space that catered to the needs of their clientele.

In addition to the interior, the storefronts were reworked to enhance the salon's overall aesthetic , expand space, and create an inviting entrance. Attention was given to updating the windows, signage, and exterior finishes, providing a fresh and modern appearance that aligned with the salon's brand identity. These changes not only enhanced the curb appeal but also attracted potential clients, setting the stage for a positive salon experience from the moment they arrived.

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