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Celebration of Life Center

During our collaboration with Chippewa Valley Cremation Services and Rhom Construction, we had the opportunity to design the remarkable Celebration of Life Center. This transformative project involved repurposing an existing 2,000 square foot retail store into a spacious 6,000 square foot building. As you step inside, you are welcomed by a generous lobby that serves as a versatile meeting space, complemented by several private offices.

The centerpiece of the Celebration of Life Center is the main meeting and celebration space, thoughtfully designed to accommodate approximately 200 individuals. Whether arranged in rows of chairs or clustered around tables, this flexible space allows for gatherings and commemorations of various sizes. Large windows were strategically placed to maximize natural daylight, illuminating the room and highlighting the grandeur of the vaulted ceiling, creating an uplifting atmosphere for those in attendance.

The careful consideration given to the layout and design of the Celebration of Life Center reflects our commitment to creating a space that fosters solace, connection, and reflection. It is a testament to the collaboration between Chippewa Valley Cremation Services, Rhom Construction, and our team, as we strive to provide a warm and inviting environment for honoring and celebrating the lives of loved ones.

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