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Acres for Joy

We had the honor of designing a horse arena and horse barn for Acres for Joy, a nonprofit horse ranch dedicated to creating positive experiences through equine activities. With a deep understanding of the ranch's mission, we approached the project with a genuine desire to create functional and inviting spaces that would support their activities.

The horse arena we designed prioritized safety and versatility. We carefully planned the layout to accommodate various equine activities, such as riding lessons and training sessions. Our focus was on providing a spacious and well-defined area, complete with appropriate fencing and lighting, ensuring a secure environment for both riders and horses. The design also considered the need for clear visibility, allowing observers and instructors to engage with the activities taking place in the arena.

In addition to the horse arena, our firm developed a horse barn that aimed to provide a comfortable shelter for the animals. The barn design focused on functionality and the well-being of the horses. We ensured adequate space and appropriate materials for stalls, allowing the horses to rest comfortably.

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