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10th Street Park

We designed this Recreation Center Building, nestled within the scenic 10th Street Park. Spanning approximately 3,800 square feet, this thoughtfully designed structure offers a multitude of amenities to enhance the community's recreational experiences. The building comprises various functional spaces, including an office, two spacious halls measuring approximately 990 square feet each, which can be separated by a movable partition, a versatile classroom, storage rooms, a mechanical room, a convenient kitchenette, and well-appointed toilet rooms.

Designed to meet the diverse needs of the community, the Recreation Center Building stands as a hub for engaging activities and social gatherings. The office provides a dedicated space for administrative tasks and facilitates smooth operation of the center. The two flexible halls offer ample room for a range of events, accommodating everything from fitness classes and workshops to community meetings and celebrations. The movable partition adds versatility, allowing the space to be tailored to specific requirements. The classroom serves as an educational area, providing opportunities for learning and skill development. Ample storage rooms ensure efficient organization of equipment and supplies, while the mechanical room houses essential utilities to support the building's functionality. The well-equipped kitchenette offers a convenient space for food preparation, enhancing the center's capability to cater to various occasions.

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