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St. Anthony Abbott's Church

We designed an addition for St. Anthony Abbott's Catholic Church to expand their sanctuary space. The new addition is intended to contain similar materials to the existing building, but different enough to provide contrast. The addition has been carefully planned to address the evolving needs of the congregation, as well as to enhance the overall worship experience. One of the primary objectives of the design was to ensure accessibility for all. With this in mind, the new addition features modern amenities and thoughtful architectural elements that promote inclusivity and provide barrier-free access for individuals of all abilities.

The expanded sanctuary space within the new addition is a testament to the commitment of St. Anthony Abbot's Catholic Church to fostering a vibrant and growing community. This spacious area not only accommodates the existing congregation but also allows for an additional 300 occupants, creating room for new members to join and participate in worship and fellowship.

Throughout the design process, great care has been taken to preserve the historical significance of the original church. As St. Anthony Abbot's Catholic Church approaches the completion of this remarkable project, the anticipation and excitement among the congregation continue to build. The new sanctuary space stands as a symbol of faith, unity, and growth, offering a sacred environment that nurtures spirituality and inspires the community to come together in worship, reflection, and celebration.

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