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Fella's Loaded Goat

The conversion of a former gas station into a bar involved a comprehensive redesign that initiated from the necessity of removing all interior walls due to the building's deteriorated condition. This decisive step not only addressed structural concerns but also provided a clean slate for a new and innovative approach to the space. The absence of interior walls facilitated an open and inviting atmosphere within the bar, fostering a dynamic and adaptable environment.

Beyond the interior transformation, the redesign extended to include an outdoor patio, offering a welcoming space for patrons seeking outdoor seating. The addition of the patio not only expands the usable area but also aligns with contemporary trends in bar design, creating a seamless connection between the interior and the surrounding environment. This transformative process revitalizes the structure, turning a former gas station into a vibrant and versatile bar that embraces its new identity with style and practicality.

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