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Phoenix Park Garden Pavilion

Our team had the privilege of collaborating with Joe Mauer to bring his vision to life for the creation of a remarkable new pavilion spanning an impressive 1,680 square feet. Through our expertise in design and meticulous structural calculations, we were able to contribute significantly to the realization of this architectural marvel.

The pavilion boasts a diverse range of features, thoughtfully integrated to cater to various needs and enhance its functionality. One such element is the inclusion of a corn crib, ingeniously designed to provide ample storage space for tools and equipment, ensuring a tidy and organized environment. Additionally, a convenient and well-equipped table was incorporated to facilitate the washing and preparation of fresh vegetables, emphasizing the pavilion's connection to nature and the community's desire for sustainable practices.

Not only does this pavilion offer practical utility, but it also serves as a welcoming hub for the local community. Acting as a gathering place, it fosters a sense of togetherness and provides an inviting atmosphere for social interaction. Moreover, the structure's thoughtful design takes into account the region's climate, as it offers a much-needed refuge from the scorching sun, providing shade to visitors seeking respite. Furthermore, during inclement weather, the pavilion acts as a shelter, offering protection from rain showers and enabling uninterrupted enjoyment of the space.

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