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Lazy Monk Brewing

The existing Charlson’s Building and Design Center which was slated to be demolished, it was purchased by Lazy Monk Brewing. Lien and Peterson Architects provided assistance throughout the City of Eau Claire’s approval process. The owners, provided Lien & Peterson Architects with photo inspiration of what they loved about European bierhalls. Lien & Peterson worked with Lazy Monk to break the project down in phases that included a bier hall, biergarten, brewery on the lower level, and a potential final phase of food service. A portion of the main floor was transformed into a bierhall serving genuine Czech biers. The main floor remodel of over 5,000 square feet consisted of removing the stair to the lower level due to code restrictions for separated uses. The remodel included new toilet rooms, office area, storage, meeting room and a serving bar. To hide the new heating system, dropped faux beams were added which gave the esthetics of a traditional bierhall. The biergarten was added in the summer to provide an outdoor area overlooking the Chippewa River. The biergarten contains a pergola style perimeter and a security wall to help reduce the traffic noise. The scenic view over looking the river has made this a destination for many occasions, including weddings. The lower level houses the brewing operations in 7,500 square feet with a nearly 800 square foot cooler. One of the challenges faced was the fact the brewery is partially below the flood plain, which caused the electrical to be held above that zone. With the site being located on the beautiful Chippewa River, a flood action plan was created to provide an emergency strategy in the case of an extreme flood situation.

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