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Country Jam

Country Jam's Main Pavilion and High Country started construction in fall of 2022. We have gone out to document progress of these buildings through use of our Drone Photography Services. Progress is happening quickly, with all of the roof trusses and sheathing in place. The fireplace and chimney are on display, and High Country has most of it's roof installed. The majority of earthwork is done, and the campground utilities are mostly completed. Construction is on track to be completed before the festival this summer. See the slideshow to the left for the most recent photography, and below to see the full progression so far.

St. Anthony Abbott

St. Anthony Abbot's Catholic church in Cumberland, WI has been under construction since September of 2022. The addition we designed is a new sanctuary space to expand the space in the existing fellowship building, while also honoring the original historic church across the road. The new addition allows for accessibility and an expanded congregation space, allowing for an additional 300 occupants. The addition is currently fully framed and sheathed, however our pictures show the earlier stages of construction.

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